The Black Korloff

The Black Korloff

The story of an encounter


From Saint-Petersburg to Paris, Korloff’s story started from the most enigmatic diamond in the world, a unique 88-carat which belonged to the Russian family of Korloff Sapojnikoff.
During the Russian Revolution, they left everything behind with the exception of the Black Korloff, a talisman hold by the family for generations.


The legend says that the diamond brings good fortune, happiness and prosperity to whoever touches it.
Charmed by its legend and its incredible beauty, Daniel Paillasseur named his company after the magical black Korloff.


Since nearly 40 years, the diamond has been the source and the symbol of the Korloff House and is still the inspiration for all the creations.


A legend is born...

The Black Korloff is the soul of this family company, handed down from father to son.


Founded in 1978 by Daniel Paillasseur, this independant family company’s strengths are derived from French luxury traditions and cultivated jewellery know-how.


Korloff skillfully imposed an inimitable style in its jewelry creations, using contrasts of materials and colors.


Today, Korloff is growing under the leadership of Olivier Paillasseur, son of the founder.
He affirms its willingness to highlight the values of excellence and authenticity.